Earth and Us

As a center for rediscovering architecture and building science, Prithwe philosophy includes research, education and consultancy, with an underlining holistic approach to healthy living. Prithwe was started with a focus to bring people and nature closer, and sensitivity towards the built environment. The primary objective is to move into desired direction of education and creation of healthy spaces.

Under the Prithwe umbrella organization is Prithwe Institute of Research and Development (PIRD), is an autonomous organization dedicated for bringing together technical and biological understanding with ecological sensitivity, to create healthy homes and workplaces. The institute is a platform for experiments, study and research on innovative natural building techniques. The other wing of Prithwe provides architectural consultancy, which has a committed team of experts contributing to the development of sustainable dwelling places following Indian Building Science parameters.


Indi Green Trust


The backbone and supporting organization behind various Prithwe projects, IGT is a charitable trust founded in 2009, by Mayank Barjatya, with a mission to integrate education, healthcare, agriculture, and economic opportunities, at the community level.

It has a vision to source sustainable future businesses and community development projects across India and abroad. At present IGT is extending support in setting up a rural school in remote village in Bhor, Pune district. They are also preparing to set up a centre of research in education.



Architect & Ecologist


“Earth and us: both need attention”

Last 15 years Architect and Ecologist, Mayank Barjatya has been practicing and teaching healthy architecture in across India under his company named Vastuworld. He represents the technical side of Building biology at Prithwe institute and is a teacher of traditional Indian architecture.

Barjatya holds a Bachelors Degree in Architecture from Pune University and Masters Degree in ecology and environment from Delhi University. He has done special training in Bau-Biology in Germany and study of Bioenergetics from France, and has been practicing the science since last 18years. He was a full time faculty for 2 years at College of Architecture (Indore) and a guest faculty at CEPT, Ahmedabad and School of Architecture, Munster, Germany.

Through extensive travels and self-learning Mayank has became one of the few technical practitioners for Vastu rectification using bio resonance remedies. He has been presenting and talking about his unique system of Vastu rectification and environment energy balancing on various platforms and in conventions all over the world.  Since 2002 he has been publishing a monthly newsletter Vastutimes, collecting accolades for his writing skills.

In August 2004, Mayank formed a certification system called Indian Green Vastu Compliance. Since then many developers, industries and commercial organizations have been certified by Vastuworld’s Indian and German team.

Mayank was invited to participate in 2004 Energy Medicine Congress in Heidelberg-Germany, for his holistic approach in divine architecture. He has presented his paper on scientific validation of ancient medical systems, at a national seminar held in IIT-Delhi in 2006. He has emphasized on healthy hospitals and Vastu – environmental implication on patients getting treatment inside sick buildings.

Prithwe Architects under Mayank and Alex Greig at present are busy in developing satellite townships and second home projects in Pune, where traditional Vastu and Scientific Building Biology is being put together.



“Stranger to Myself.”

I have been working consistently for 30 years in Media, living my life moment to moment, month to month, year after year, chasing illusions or dreams, achieving results, building brands, getting both bouqets or brickbats and loving it!

In this whole journey, I have been discovering, growing, nurturing, maturing, watching myself changing, evolving, praying, thinking, dreaming, laughing and at times, crying.
But,I have made things happen for me and yes, things do happen if they are destined.
With my struggle and my hard work, I overcame many challenges in my professional and personal life with the philosophy “This too shall pass”!

Suddenly I was swept off my feet with this movement called “Hands Full of Earth”. After listening to the conviction of the person behind this movement, Ms.Priti Bhandari, I was humbled with silence and gratitude.  It was like a dream come true!
I have been a right-brained person throughout my life and fantasizing designs in my mind, with a focus on spaces, interiors, spaces and furniture. I am a die-hard, optimistic and positive person, flowing, accepting and learning my Karmic Lessons. At times, I am dancing or running behind the moonlight. Yes, with all this chaos, ultimately I discovered myself quietly and silently. So what, if it is on my 59th Birthday, as the saying goes, “It’s better late than never”!

It was a new awakening, awareness, alertness and the determination to walk the road less travelled with courage, confidence and conviction. After all this, I still find myself a Stranger.



Architect & Interiors

Adish is an award winning Architect and Interior Designer, with many accolades to his name. With an impressive array of projects such as Pink Flame, Pavillion house and Mithi under his belt, and multiple cover articles in Antarya, The Times of India and other such prestigious periodicals and magazines, Patni has created his own niche in the highly competitive world of design.

Names as World Top 100 Young architect by Archipex Netherlands, Adish’s work reflects his ability to fuse international aesthetics with Indian sensibility. The essence of his work is captured best when he known his patrons are at the same wavelength, and are willing to live in a home rather than a well designed house.





“… I have painted my heart out for as long as I remember.”

I started off my careers as a fashion designer 3 years back, but have painted my heart out for as long as I remember. Two years ago, I started painting professionally. My style finds its roots in tribal intricate indian rural art forms with my personal aesthetic connected to it. Based in Goa now, my pen, ink and the beach has found me all over again.



Graphic Design & Artist


“The Voice of one’s work is greater than the sound of one’s voice.”

With a passion for creativity and an eye for design, Rajesh is the Founder & creative force behind the International award winning graphic design enterprise, Artisticodopeo Designz, since 2004. With artworks being published in global bestseller designer bibles like Logo Lounge, Web Design index, as well as being recognized consistently by reputed designer organizations like American Design Awards, New Web Pick Designer among many others, he has worked hard to create functional, rich, quality driven designs for his clientele.
A creative prodigy, Rajesh marries art and technology through visual design and animation. He specializes in rich graphic content and functional user experience while holding an exceptional eye for detail. Never afraid to start a conversation, Rajesh naturally makes friends everywhere he goes. His creative outlook and what’s next mentality helps drive his work one step forward.



HFOE_SupportTeam-Swati&HarshaSWATI & HARSHA


Our Philosophy



Our symbiotic relationship
with Earth!



And wake your senses to
the true feeling of the earth!



Like a child at the
new sights of nature!


“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world, indeed, its the only thing that ever has.”

– Margaret Mead – -





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